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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Adventure Story

  My story is about a you, a guy that woke up in medieval times and didn't know what was going on. You have to complete a quest to slay a dragon. You go through many tough decisions throughout the quest. I made it using my best work so it could be the best for YOU. You turn out slaying the dragon and becoming the king of a kingdom. I liked working alone so I could use all of my ideas.

Authors Note

   My story is about a guy (you) who woke up in medieval times with little to no memory. He (you) have to fight through life and come to a part in time where you have to slay a dragon. I made it using keynote. I had some ideas before hand but it all came to me when I was writing. It turned out as best as it could be in my eyes. I liked it a lot and so did most of my friends. I liked working by myself because I was able to use all my ideas and didn't have someone trying to use their ideas.