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Friday, April 17, 2015


Have you ever had a tough time wondering who inspires you. Well that was my problem. Fortunately I was lucky enough to have my grandma. She has been here a long time and I’m pretty sure she inspires me and some other people in some way so I decided to interview her. 
My grandma is always giving me great advice but when it comes time that I have the chance to tell someone this, oh so great advice, I seem to forget it. Though when she told me this time I decided to record it. One of her quotes was  “you should be the best in your own eyes and not in others”. She also says that in tough situations you should assess the problem and then decide what you can do, like ask for help or will it resolve itself.
Her definition of success is probably different then a lot of other people’s. Most people would think of success as founding a giant company or being the most famous person in the world but thats not anything close to what she thinks. She believes success is belief in faith and family.
In her own eyes she thinks that she is successful. Using her definition I believe she is to. She says she feels like she is in a good position in life. She also said thats where she's always wanted to be. Through the years though I have seen her be successful in other peoples eyes like my mom.
Throughout all my grandma says that in the end its all about family and faith. She has backed this up all of the years by showing me how she does it herself. She's also taught me it so that one day I can become as or more successful then her.

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