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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Acrostic Poem

F un time on the lake
I mposibble to know when they're going to hit
S imply at its hardest
H apply times with the family
I tching for a bite
N othing as fun to pass the time
G oing to have a good time

Name Poem

It means Strong, Mighty, Warrior
It is like the number 19
It is like a soft but strong aroma
It is a great adventure and fight everywhere
It is the memory of a warrior from heaven that sits by God
Who taught me honesty and disciplined 
When she scolded me to put me in the right place
My name is Michael
It means that I will never give up and if I fall I will get up again

Monday, November 24, 2014


In the movie, conquering fear played a huge role. It would have been very scary for kids of our age that were blind, going into a situation that was very dangerous for people that could see. The kids had to be very brave and vary trustful to overcome this fear. I have overcame lots of fears of mine. Some of them have been learning how to jump while skiing. Years before I have only be able to simply ski. Now, I can hit the jumps at the trick course. I have also been able to not be afraid to meet new people lately.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Freedom isn’t cheap. We can all know this by looking at the people who earned this for us. I know the freedom of America by the different kinds of freedom, ways to celebrate freedom, and the symbols. But do you?
There are many different kinds of freedom. Each kind is special in its own way. One way of freedom that may be most popular is religious freedom. Religious freedom is the freedom to choose whatever religion you would like. Political freedom is another kind. In this freedom you can choose what political party you would like to be in. My family is Republican. The last one is what job you would like. In some countries you can’t choose what you would like to do. Some governments in other countries make you work for them without getting paid. So our country is pretty free.
Another thing with our freedom of America is the way to celebrate it. In celebrating, we honor our country in a way. By honoring our country this way is a fun but respectful way of doing so. One way we can celebrate is by participating in the 4th Of July. On the Fourth of July we can shoot of firework resembling the fighting and war that was put into making this country. Another way to celebrate is to fly the flag. Flying the flag may not be much but to some veterans it means the world that they know that we honor them. Last is feasting. It isn’t too patriotic but it can resemble the thanksgiving feast or other things.
The last thing that can resemble our freedom in America is the symbols. There are many symbols in America. Probably the most known and most important symbol is our flag. It’s been with us for a long time. The 50 stars resemble our 50 hard earned states.The 13 stripes resemble the original 13 colonies where our country started. Another symbol is the eagle. The eagle has been our symbol for a long time. The eagle stands for it’s great strength and long life; also it was believed it only lived in our country for a while. The last symbol is the olive branch and the 13 arrows. The olive branch stands for that we have a strong desire for peace but will always be ready for war. The 13 arrows stand for the 13 colonies. 

I hope that you have learned about the different types of freedom, ways to celebrate, and the symbols of our great country. Whenever you have the chance, don’t cease to thank our veterans or to honor our flag because it wasn’t easy for anyone to keep our country and still isn’t today.