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Friday, August 29, 2014


Michael P


Here is my room. It isn’t used very much. The bed is the most comforting thing I come home to other than food. It is hard but fits to my body. The blue covers show my sportsmanship to my team, as it matches the big painting of an eagle on my wall. When you’re going to leave my room, it shouldn’t be hard to find your way out because there is a huge antique exit sign pointing to my door. Above that is a deer skull that I shot in 2011, it’s a 4 by 4. I have two oak dressers filled with clothes, but most of my clothes don’t call it home. On my dressers, I have lots of trophies from shooting trap, to swimming. I’m pretty good at everything I do. Also, I have lots of souvenirs from San Francisco, to New York. My mom keeps about $2,000 of her old grammy cloths in MY closet, but I think she forgot about them. 

When you look behind my dresser, you’ll find some fake practice swords that my dad uses for ninja training, a bb gun that gives me pride from the trophies i have shot, and an Airsoft gun that keeps me safe from the evilness of my friends. My drawers are filled with a whole bunch of junk that cycles through my day. I have lots of duct tape and the legendary Dragon Drum that calls to me in my dreams. Shoes line my wall like kids waiting in line for candy. The alarm clock is a dinosaur but works like a charm. My ipod stairs at me at night and looks at me when it gets a notification. I have a shelf with all books that I’ve read that I don’t know what they are doing in my room. They’re just little kid books. My trash can is filled with baseball cards. Its not that I don’t like them, its just fun throwing them in there from across the room. The amazing lego creations are some of my most prized possessions, I’ve spent over 36 hours putting them all together. It’s sort of nerdy but fun. My most prized possession that I keep in my room is my knife and the handle is made of petrified wood and amber. I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014

My 6 Word Story

A Legend
Lives forever
Be One