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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nebraska Landscape

Sitting under a star filled sky
with a warm breeze blowing through my hair
and the grease tickling my hands
atop a grassy cliff
looking over a Holt County Farm Pond
through a field of Nebraska corn
and across a couple of fences
a chirping of crickets
and the occasional moo of a Nebraskan corn fead cow
and a rustle of the common sage brush of Nebraska
while drinking a glass of refreshing koolaid

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Name Poem

Strong, Mighty, Warrior
It is like a soft but strong sponge
It is a great adventure and fight everywhere
It is a memory of a warrior from heaven that sits by God
Who taught me honesty and discipline
When she scolded me to put me in the right place
My name is Michael
It means that I will never give up and if I fall I will get up again

Friday, December 12, 2014

Concrete Poem


the halls shimmer with shining people
and the pride burns with love and intensity
the dedication runs deep within our blood
our walls our lined with or champions
and the kids are all one within the school
We Are OHS

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I am very important
without me
you would be either really cold or really hot
I sometimes get dizzy from getting spun so much
my forehead is white and plain
my nose is a circular dial
I am very happy at what I do

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

5 senses

The spring air warms me with gladness
 and its feeling of a new beginning
the light breeze fills me with a hays of happiness
it smells fresh like it came straight out of the oven
it smells new like you have never smelt it before 
and it feels warm
it looks new and green with an unbelievable glow
it sounds breezy with a light chirp of a bird every once in a while
it tastes like a delicious vegetable and has a hint of every herb there is

Found Poem

I shall compare all lovely summer buds
and though art summer's winds
to the darling May days
and rough fouls of thee evil within
that i may be a better person

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Man In The Van

there once was a man
who drove a creepy van
he told the kids he had candy
they thought that was handy
he took them away
and there's no sign of them today
I thought they were n the Bahamas
but I got stuck in my pajamas
The End

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Extended Metaphor Poem

A dream is an action movie
sometimes you don't have control over yourself
people can come and go in a matter of seconds
the fall of a kingdom or the rise of an empire can be in your hands
though, just as fast as it came
reality will consume you in the opening of your eyes

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Acrostic Poem

F un time on the lake
I mposibble to know when they're going to hit
S imply at its hardest
H apply times with the family
I tching for a bite
N othing as fun to pass the time
G oing to have a good time

Name Poem

It means Strong, Mighty, Warrior
It is like the number 19
It is like a soft but strong aroma
It is a great adventure and fight everywhere
It is the memory of a warrior from heaven that sits by God
Who taught me honesty and disciplined 
When she scolded me to put me in the right place
My name is Michael
It means that I will never give up and if I fall I will get up again

Monday, November 24, 2014


In the movie, conquering fear played a huge role. It would have been very scary for kids of our age that were blind, going into a situation that was very dangerous for people that could see. The kids had to be very brave and vary trustful to overcome this fear. I have overcame lots of fears of mine. Some of them have been learning how to jump while skiing. Years before I have only be able to simply ski. Now, I can hit the jumps at the trick course. I have also been able to not be afraid to meet new people lately.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Freedom isn’t cheap. We can all know this by looking at the people who earned this for us. I know the freedom of America by the different kinds of freedom, ways to celebrate freedom, and the symbols. But do you?
There are many different kinds of freedom. Each kind is special in its own way. One way of freedom that may be most popular is religious freedom. Religious freedom is the freedom to choose whatever religion you would like. Political freedom is another kind. In this freedom you can choose what political party you would like to be in. My family is Republican. The last one is what job you would like. In some countries you can’t choose what you would like to do. Some governments in other countries make you work for them without getting paid. So our country is pretty free.
Another thing with our freedom of America is the way to celebrate it. In celebrating, we honor our country in a way. By honoring our country this way is a fun but respectful way of doing so. One way we can celebrate is by participating in the 4th Of July. On the Fourth of July we can shoot of firework resembling the fighting and war that was put into making this country. Another way to celebrate is to fly the flag. Flying the flag may not be much but to some veterans it means the world that they know that we honor them. Last is feasting. It isn’t too patriotic but it can resemble the thanksgiving feast or other things.
The last thing that can resemble our freedom in America is the symbols. There are many symbols in America. Probably the most known and most important symbol is our flag. It’s been with us for a long time. The 50 stars resemble our 50 hard earned states.The 13 stripes resemble the original 13 colonies where our country started. Another symbol is the eagle. The eagle has been our symbol for a long time. The eagle stands for it’s great strength and long life; also it was believed it only lived in our country for a while. The last symbol is the olive branch and the 13 arrows. The olive branch stands for that we have a strong desire for peace but will always be ready for war. The 13 arrows stand for the 13 colonies. 

I hope that you have learned about the different types of freedom, ways to celebrate, and the symbols of our great country. Whenever you have the chance, don’t cease to thank our veterans or to honor our flag because it wasn’t easy for anyone to keep our country and still isn’t today.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost Story

            Next time you walk in the halls alone, you may want a teacher to catch you. If no one gets to you before he does you may never see light again. All except for me. I found my way out, I got away.
            This so called ghost at OHS doesn’t have a name but some people call him the creeper. He’s been around since the devil or so rumor has it. Some people say he stays in the closets but people who have actually seen him knows he stays in the ceilings. His hair is black and hangs in threads. The only cloths he wears is pants made from a strange material. He’s about 5’6”. His skin is a strange pale color. The only noise it makes is when it screams. If you ever get close to it you may smell dead birds and that’s when you know you need to run.
            If you ever see him he won’t be friendly. The things he does is the scariest though. If you stand in the intersection of the 200 hallway and the main hallway and your all alone you’ll see the lights flicker. After that you’re in his world. If there wasn’t a person there before but there was after the lights flickered they wouldn’t be able to see you. Once you look around all the lights will go out and turn back on in about 5 seconds. When there on you’ll see the Creeper at the end of the hallway eating something strange that’s all black and disgusting. When you turn around you’ll see your family all standing there and staring at you with pitch black eyes. You’ll turn back and the creeper will be standing right in front of you breathing on you. Once you blink he’s gone and your standing right back where you were but you don’t know you’ve been possessed.
            I was once caught in his mind game. That’s why I know where he lives, I also know what he does. When I was caught I experienced his trick with your parents and him eating, but I surprised him. When he was face to face with me a ran off. I never went back to the real world. I was there watching him but he didn’t know I was. Since I was in his world I could do stuff I didn’t think I could do. I fallowed him into the ceiling and saw him in his natural state. He was practicing voodoo in a dirt chamber that had weird signs and words written in Latin all over the walls and ceiling. He caught me there and chased me throughout his world. I finally ran to the door and got out. Everything was back to normal. The school was like a jail to him, he couldn’t leave. When I went back in I wasn’t in his world, I was safe. Every once in a while I’ll see a kid standing there staring and then vanish. I don’t dare wake them from whatever evil has consumed them for fear I may go back to his world. Luckily I wasn’t possessed by his tricks.

            If you ever are in the hallway alone, never stop. Get to your class kids because its not safe out there. Don’t piddle in the halls, and if you ever get caught I wish you the best of luck and pray, pray so you won’t become one of his.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween At Hogwarts

I walked into the great room amazed at the decorations. There were witches and bats flying around the room. Dogs, cats, gremlins, trolls, donkeys, pigs, and lots more slimy smelly animals were roaming around this immense hall. When we went to sit down, fog rolled out from all the walls, and living trees sprouted from the ground to walk among us. My friend had blood on his feet from stepping on so many rats that mysteriously vanished after being squished. To get our attention, a huge blaze of fire roared into the hall, making its way to the front. Out from it came demons coasting through the air, chilling the bones of whoever was to be scared. They dropped spiders on people’s heads when they weren’t looking.
Finally everyone sat down to eat. Soon, we were feasting on quite a treat of prime rib, cornbread, barbecue ribs, french fries, fried bugs and much more. When we finished our main. meal, we went on to a lighter snack. Chips, dips, and munchies were all out for grabs. When our stomachs had settled, we indulged ourselves with dessert. Chocolate, pies, brownies, ice cream, fruit, eyes, ears, dogs, cats, and even pigs feet. But the fun was just getting started.

For activities, we started off with more eating. Contests of who could make the most vomitous food and who would eat it. There weren’t to many winners. After that there was a maze of living trees. Some of the trees would try to trip you and others would move the maze around to confuse you.  One group of trees actually enclosed seven kids until they vanished. Luckily we found them later that day. Our next competition was no gravity boxing. Lots of people tried it and it was very fun. After that we did another eating competition then went on to trampoline wars. We jumped and fought with the magic within. Then we raced our brooms and at the end we ate again. So overall, I say it was a pretty great Halloween day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nursery Rime

Hickory dickory dock
The mouse scurried up the clock 
the clock banged 1
and down he tumbled

hickory dickory dock

Monday, September 29, 2014

I Am Me

Three things I learned from this project are:
  1. I learned about Quicktime so now I can use it in future for other projects.
  2. I learned how to use things I didn't know before so now I can help others.
  3. I learned that if I need help, I can ask some teachers more than others.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

So Dot Day is a pretty important day i guess. We read the story of Dot Day in class. It was an inspirational story about a little girl who couldn't draw. Her teacher inspires her to do something with her paper so the girl just slaps a dot on her paper. When she does the teacher has her sign it and puts it behind her desk in a gold frame. This inspires the girl to do better and she turns out to be a very good artist. This may inspire me to try to do things that I haven't done well before.

Friday, September 12, 2014


MMM! Just had lunch, Dolphin on Toast.

An Unforgettable School Day

An Unforgettable School Day

Have you ever had a pretty bad day by busting yourself up and breaking out? Well, thats what happened to me. So, it was pretty crazy.
First, on a cozy September day, I was having a blast with my friends playing tag. I was very nimble and agile, or so i thought. I ran and jumped off the slide. As I landed, my ankle buckled and I fell to the ground. It was devastating. All my friends went crazy as One of the janitors had to cary me into the school where they rapped my ankle. 
Next, when I got over that I thought everything was OK. Then I started to get the red, huge, bumps. I had drank one of my favorite pops. Orange Crush. This has never happened to me before, but when I drank it that morning, I broke out with hives that afternoon. They itched and the teacher noticed me. When she did, she sent me to the nurse for the second time that day. The nurse then sent me home.
When I got home, my mom babied me and I got to lay in bed all day. It was pretty fun until I had to go to the doctor’s office. They gave me a pretty painful shot. Once that was over with I had a pretty good day otherwise. Other than getting humiliated twice. That day I got to watch a  movie and have a nice supper.

It was a long time ago and now its over with. I was in Kindergarten. Now I know not to jump from high places without checking what I'm going to land on or knowing that I won’t twist my ankle. Also, I know not to drink Orange Crush. Otherwise I don’t know what I’m really allergic to, I can drink any other orange pop. Strange.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Michael P


Here is my room. It isn’t used very much. The bed is the most comforting thing I come home to other than food. It is hard but fits to my body. The blue covers show my sportsmanship to my team, as it matches the big painting of an eagle on my wall. When you’re going to leave my room, it shouldn’t be hard to find your way out because there is a huge antique exit sign pointing to my door. Above that is a deer skull that I shot in 2011, it’s a 4 by 4. I have two oak dressers filled with clothes, but most of my clothes don’t call it home. On my dressers, I have lots of trophies from shooting trap, to swimming. I’m pretty good at everything I do. Also, I have lots of souvenirs from San Francisco, to New York. My mom keeps about $2,000 of her old grammy cloths in MY closet, but I think she forgot about them. 

When you look behind my dresser, you’ll find some fake practice swords that my dad uses for ninja training, a bb gun that gives me pride from the trophies i have shot, and an Airsoft gun that keeps me safe from the evilness of my friends. My drawers are filled with a whole bunch of junk that cycles through my day. I have lots of duct tape and the legendary Dragon Drum that calls to me in my dreams. Shoes line my wall like kids waiting in line for candy. The alarm clock is a dinosaur but works like a charm. My ipod stairs at me at night and looks at me when it gets a notification. I have a shelf with all books that I’ve read that I don’t know what they are doing in my room. They’re just little kid books. My trash can is filled with baseball cards. Its not that I don’t like them, its just fun throwing them in there from across the room. The amazing lego creations are some of my most prized possessions, I’ve spent over 36 hours putting them all together. It’s sort of nerdy but fun. My most prized possession that I keep in my room is my knife and the handle is made of petrified wood and amber. I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014